FSSC appoints Huntswood to panel

The FSSC provides strategic leadership for education, training and skills development for the financial services industry across the UK. To this end the FSSC promotes the use of training as a business solution and has launched Accreditation Schemes which recognise the contribution of training to business success.

The Accreditation of Training Excellence Scheme for Firms will give public recognition to firms that can demonstrate that their investment in training produces a desired business outcome. In practice this means that training is chosen as a means of meeting a business goal or need and that the training used produces a change in people’s performance.

Accreditation will give organisations the right to display a specially devised FSSC Accreditation logo on its premises, in its promotional and information literature and other forms of publication.

Eurfron Jones, Head of Consulting at Huntswood commented: “We are very pleased to be working with the FSSC on this important initiative. Developing skills and competence within the financial services industry is a key focus for the sector which is clearly promoted by the Accreditation Scheme. We will be able to add significant value to the accreditation process through our industry experience and expertise in assessing processes, systems and controls against defined standards.”