FSA implements web-pages

The web address for this material is: www.fsa.gov.uk/fsap/ .

The webpages follow-up and complement the recent publication of our International Risk Outlook by providing further resources on some of the FSAP measures which are currently in the process of implementation: the Market Abuse Directive (MAD), the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MIFID), the Prospectus Directive (PD) and the Transparency Directive (TD). Based on feedback to this initiative we will consider adding other webpages for other FSAP measures subject to current implementation work.

The webpages include:

Links to the key EU, CESR and HMT or FSA documents for these directives, which we will update on a monthly basis.

A what's new section, providing an update on recent implementation developments, which will again be updated monthly.

A short executive summary of each directive, setting out the key changes it will make.

A Frequently Asked Questions section for each directive

A glossary of key terms for each directive

Some overview material on the FSAP as a whole

We hope that this material will prove particularly useful to you as journalists in covering the challenges that the UK financial services sector will face in implementing the FSAP. The webpages will provide a useful first port of call for anyone who needs an overview of these directives and wants to get hold of the key reference documents. It will also you to track developments and be sure you have the most recent EU or UK material.