Free property portal launched

The new portal, which officially launches this week, was set up by former Swinton Insurance managing director Brian Blake.

In an interview with The Mail On Sunday Blake said: “The average seller spends thousands of pounds on estate agents’ commission and this will enable them to save an awful lot of money.”

“It’s going to make a massive difference to the market.”

The portal has also received the backing of the National House Building Council, and developers are now selling their properties through the site. Barratt Homes recently uploaded 2,500 homes.

Blake added: “In Canada, 30% of homes are sold by the owners rather than going through estate agents. The internet has enabled people to cut out the middleman.

“I believe that in the future people will say to their estate agents, ‘if you sell my property, then you get the commission, but if I sell it myself, you get nothing.’ It’s really important for people to be able to sell their homes free of charge.”

The portal can also be accessed via a smart phone app and the site is available in seven languages to help overseas buyers purchase in the UK.