Free 30 day trial of CRM

All users will have to do is to click the CRM trial activation button at the top of the Prospector screen and CRM will be linked to Prospector and the latest 25 clients imported automatically.

David Thompson, sales director for TrigoldCrystal, said: “As I and my team have been talking to our network clients, we are seeing an increasing interest in systems which can handle all aspects of advised sales as well as optimise further sales and relationship opportunities.

“Gone are the days where clunky offline mortgage admin systems will do the job and businesses are quite rightly looking for a premium product that takes care of all their needs without necessarily paying premium prices.”

David Aylmer, business development and marketing director, added: “With over 70% of the UK’s mortgage professionals using our products already we understand the diverse range of attitudes to new systems, and IT generally.

“Many ‘early adopters’ are using our software suite fully to maximise efficiency. With others, we have a job to do to educate the market about the advantages which are now available to them.

“That is why it is our pledge to always offer group or individual training sessions at no charge to make sure that any and all of our clients get the absolute best from what we do.”