Foundation Home Loans updates criteria

It will also accept deposits as a family gift, while borrowers with CCJ’s or defaults registered over two years ago will be accepted provided they are brought up to date.

Paul Brett, director of business development, said: “Two weeks into our launch and we are already refining our criteria in line with the enquiries we are receiving.

“The enhancements, as a whole, demonstrate the way in which FHL is intending to carve out a sustainable niche for itself.

“These changes are logical and meet the internal tests we use based on over 70,000 live and past BTL cases we have in our database.

“We know more about how BTL accounts respond than many active lenders in the market, so we are very confident that the changes we are making will be good for us as well as for the client.”

He added: “Our packager/distributor partners are particularly delighted by our ability to respond quickly and brokers can be assured that FHL intends to ensure that sensible, sustainable change, which moves the BTL experience forward without sacrificing underwriting integrity, will become a hallmark of our business model.”