Former Trigold CEO launches new product

vScreen enables call centre staff and advisers to demonstrate products and share documents with client’s through a computer, adding a visual element to the traditional sales experience.

Bill Safran, CEO of parent company Vizolution said: “vScreen will revolutionise the financial services market. It enables businesses to better engage their customers remotely through instant and easy screen sharing.

“It enables substantial improvements in sales productivity and customer satisfaction, whilst reducing compliance risk. It also increases the level of trust and understanding from the customer.”

“In the current environment of increased regulation and greater cost consciousness solutions like vScreen are no longer a ‘nice to have’ but a ‘must have’.”

The product also offers secure electronic document transfer and electronic signatures which can be used to reduced breaks in the sales processes.

vScreen, which doesn’t require any new software or IT, has been piloted with five of the UK’s largest banks and insurance providers and was shown to improve sales by over 20%.

Surveys carried after vScreen sessions have also shown an increase in customer satisfaction with the system receiving 94% positive feedback on average.

The system has also shown compliance benefits as it improves customer understanding and ensures all documents are recorded and time stamped.