Final week to complete industry mental health survey

Survey findings to help shape mental health initiatives

Final week to complete industry mental health survey

The Mortgage Industry Mental Health Charter (MIMHC) is calling for increased participation in its annual mental health survey, with a closing deadline next week.

The Mortgage Industry Mental Health and Wellbeing Survey aims to gather insights from employees within the financial sector about their emotional and psychological experiences at work.

This year’s questionnaire, consisting of 15 questions, addresses key issues such as workplace stress, sleep patterns, and personal satisfaction, as well as the effectiveness of current mental health and wellbeing supports provided by employers.

“We’ve already had an excellent response from industry professionals this year,” said MIMHC co-founder Jason Berry. “But we’re hoping that even more will now share their views in the survey to help shape the sector’s future before the survey closes on Friday, April 26.”

“All entries are anonymous, and this is everyone’s chance to make their views heard. The survey yields invaluable insights about the emotional and psychological issues that really count – from stress and anxiety to financial worries.

“These findings will be turned into a white paper which will be shared among our members during Mental Health Awareness Week 2024, which runs from May 13th to 19th, to enable them to implement appropriate initiatives and support packages.”

Significant findings from last year’s survey indicated a decline in work/life balance for nearly one-third of respondents, with 23% describing their mental wellbeing as poor or concerning.

Founded in 2021 by several industry leaders, MIMHC now boasts over 120 signatories. The organisation is dedicated to fostering a culture of openness and support regarding mental health issues in the mortgage industry.

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