Exeter spreads protection on the road

The mutual healthcare and protection insurer attracted over 1,200 delegates at 57 venues around the last year UK.

Mike O’Brien, head of sales and marketing, said: “Few advisers would argue that income protection is one of the most crucial elements of most financial portfolios, but sales and levels of product ownership remain frighteningly low.

“We think there’s only one way to change that; to get more advisers talking about the product on a more regular basis.”

Each breakfast seminar covers a range of topics to help generate leads and convert more conversations to sales.

Advisers will be introduced to a wide range of marketing material and interactive tools to engage their clients in income protection.

O’Brien added: “Advisers appreciate just how important it is to be an expert in every product they recommend. Not just on one or two insurers, but right across the market. So the last thing we would do is stand up and deliver a simple product bash, this is about way more than that.

“We have intentionally kept both the topics covered and the target audience broad, as a result the sessions are just as useful for an income protection expert as a novice.”