Exclusive Connections gives Expo stand to members

Exclusive Connections has confirmed its packager members will be available to talk to delegates about the service they can offer intermediaries at the Manchester Mortgage Business Expo on 17 and 18 May.

Matthew Arena, managing director at Exclusive Connections, said the move was in reaction to what intermediaries wanted. He said: “Intermediaries want to talk to the people with whom they actually do business. While we hire the stand, the members make it what it is. We have 45 members across the country and here at the Manchester Expo, local members have the opportunity to talk to potential clients as well as catch up with existing ones. Our network is only as good as the members that represent it.”

Geoff Jones, managing director of Exclusive Connections, Wirral, a branded member, added his excitement at being able to highlight the Exclusive Connection service. He said: “I am looking forward to being on the stand at Manchester and welcoming new and existing customers. It is a great opportunity to tell people about the Exclusive Connections difference.”

Kim Barrett, proprietor at KS Barrett and Associates, welcomed the move to give the stand to its members but did not expect too many other firms to follow suit. He said: “In theory this is a good idea. Exclusive Connections must be very brave putting members on its Expo stand rather than direct representatives from the company.”