EXCLUSIVE: All-female firm hosts recruitment launch

The firm, which currently conducts business in the South East, aims to eventually expand nationwide.

Women from different backgrounds, including two with banking experience, attended the event which was filmed to be distributed online to garner more interest.

Rebecca Robertson, director of Evolution for Women, said: “We hope to be the first all-female adviser firm.

“I am very passionate about what I do and I am very passionate about my business.

“No one can make you get up in the morning. It has to come from within.”

The course incurs an initial fee of £1,850, paying for training and qualifications, as its female recruits will be given all the information and resources to run a firm independently, including guides to social media and marketing.

As part of the course recruits can take CeMAP 1, 2 and 3 exams, while they will also train for the Diploma exam, paid for separately.

Recruits will have a group call once a week and attend a group forum to brush up on their knowledge.

They will be able to communicate with Robertson via Skype on a one-to-one to one basis every fortnight to ensure they are making healthy progress, while they will also be given a quarterly review.

After two years recruits can continue or they can buy into the franchise if they have produced enough business.

Sarah Drakard, one of Evolution for Women’s financial adviser recruits of nine months, said: “Rebecca really made me believe in it so that is how we got to where we’re today.

“She gave me an opportunity that really changed my life.

“It’s a nice feeling to know you are doing something that helps people.”

Robertson, who has a background in banking, formed Evolution for Women in August 2011 in her own words to “do something different”.

She said: “I left the industry I didn’t know where to go and there wasn’t really a home for me. I wanted to create something where people said ‘oh my gosh, that’s where I want to go and work’.

“If they worked in a bank and didn’t want to anymore but they wanted to progress their career then there weren’t many opportunities unless they worked very long hours, while if you have a family you can’t really achieve that.”

When asked if there are any qualities in which women have the upper hand over men, she said: “We are more empathetic. We are more nurturing. If you had a problem and you wanted to talk about it or if you had CCJ problems a lot of my clients feel that they can talk to me.

“They know that I’m not going to judge them and they’re not going to be pressured. A lot of my clients tell me that it’s friendly, supported, nurtured advice.”

Director of PruProtect John Quinlan was also present and introduced the ethical benefits of selling the Vitality life insurance product, which rewards living healthy, offering cheaper gym membership and cheaper deals for non-smokers.

He said: “What we need to do is drive behavioural changes and incentivise good health.”