Evaluate introduces cascading loan amount facility

Whereas the vast majority of other sourcing engines fail to display products that are not available at the amount requested, Evaluate will return a range of suitable products by displaying them at an available lower loan amount. This amount will invariably be close to the original amount required, therefore enabling the client to make an informed choice about the best product for their needs and aiding the application to conversion process.

Julie Gaskin, national accounts director at Evaluate Technologies, said: “In a slow market it is imperative that brokers do all they can to really maximise their client interaction in terms of service and efficiency. This facility provides more options for the client ensuring brokers maintain a real edge which enables them to improve referral and retention rates.

“Other sourcing systems make the broker decide the loan amount before sourcing takes place but the flexibility offered by Evaluate’s maximum loan cascading platform, backed by the unparalleled 100% accuracy of the system, means brokers can have full confidence that they are giving the best advice and showing their clients the full picture.”

For full information on Evaluate Technologies, intermediaries should visit: www.evaluatetechnologies.com