Evaluate embraces Origo standards

As an e-commerce standards body, Origo's main purpose is to drive forward the adoption of e-business by creating a standards-based competitive and secure trading environment.

The business and technical standards developed and maintained by Origo make it possible for financial services companies to exchange data with their partners electronically in an efficient and cost-effective manner. This link makes Evaluate the ideal partner for any lender looking to trial integration via the Origo standards.

Paul Fradgley, chief executive at Evaluate Technologies, said: “Evaluate’s stated mission is to enable intermediaries and lenders to trade together seamlessly which obviously requires integration between their various systems. We believe the Origo data standards are a crucial component in enabling this to happen, at an acceptable cost to the market, and have decided to adopt them internally.

“We believe that this will enable us to keep ahead of the competition in our journey to become the industry’s favourite mortgage sourcing and application system.”

For full information on Evaluate Technologies, intermediaries should visit: www.evaluatetechnologies.com