e.surv remains positive about HIPs

The Home Information Pack (HIP) is due to be introduced in early 2007 and whatever the rights and wrongs of HIPs, this week’s statement from the housing minister confirms what only the most stubborn had by now come to accept - and that is that HIPs will become a reality.

The industry now has a responsibility to deliver the best possible service to consumers. e.surv chartered surveyors continue to view the initiative as positive – making available, as it does, more information about properties for sale in the public domain than ever before.

Richard Sexton, director of business development at e.surv, said: "e.surv believes that we will be a key provider of the HCR element of the report, and we are acting in a consultative role to a significant number of existing lenders, and potential pack providers. The pack will ensure that buyers are much clearer about the risk they are taking and we believe that there will be a demand for ‘add on’ services which will only serve to increase its usefulness.”