e.surv rebrands as Walker Fraser Steele in Scotland

The deal will see Walker Fraser Steele’s brand and surveying partners incorporated into e.surv’s operation resulting in a team of 21 surveyors operating across Scotland.

Richard Sexton, business development director at e.surv, said: “e.surv manages more valuation work in Scotland than any other business. But we’re keen to increase our brand recognition on the ground.

“By joining forces with Walker Fraser Steele we will be combining our own established resources and market position with the huge good will that exists for Walker Fraser Steele, north of the border.

“All this means good news for clients. The deal will ensure the continuation of a fine brand in the Scottish valuation industry during what continues to be challenging times.”

The decision to join together will allow Walker Fraser Steele to expand its coverage for its clients across the country.

Senior partners and managers from both organisations will now sit together on a management team to drive the combined business forwards in 2013.