Equity release experts to lecture on marketing

Equity release advisers will be shown how to ‘get visible’ by Ashford’s Solicitors partner and head of equity release of Peter Barton, Touchstone intermediary director Peter Welch and Bridgewater manager, sales and distribution, Chris Prior.

The trio will also help attendees understand where growing equity release demand is coming from.

Prior said: “This is a changing time for both the equity release market and the retirement sector in particular with activity increasing and the demand for advice growing.

“The government’s changes to pensions, the ‘interest-only time bomb’, the pullback in State support for retirees, plus the growing number of financial responsibilities for individuals, mean that more and more homeowners are looking at releasing equity from their property in order to meet their commitments.

“This is why the experts appearing at our Masterclass sessions are urging equity release advisers to ‘get visible’ around their local and regional areas in order to develop more introducer relationships and get their services out to a wider audience.”

Barton of Ashford’s Solicitors will look at lenders’ changing legal requirements while Touchstone’s Welsh will highlight data which can help advisers target and acquire equity release customers.

Bridgewater’s Prior will look at what equity release is commonly being used for, while he will show advisers how to branch into other areas of later life advice.

He added: “There are many professionals in the financial services marketplace who are not active in equity release but see plenty of clients who might be suitable for the products.

“It is therefore important that advisers establish these quality relationships whilst at the same time being a visible presence directly with those retired individuals who might be looking to supplement their retirement income.”