Enterprise launches products with Platform

These exclusive products make use of ‘Click Decision’, Platform’s new online decision facility, which provides intermediaries with an automated, binding decision in minutes. Platform’s system will be used in conjunction with Enterprise’s own unique sourcing facility, which already gives brokers a list of ranked, ‘best of breed’ solutions for every enquiry, from which they can then make a compliant recommendation.

Key features of the new products:

- Enterprise-Exclusive – 1 year Tracker on Light, Medium, Heavy and High LTV cases at 0.5% lower than available as standard.

- RAMP-Exclusive - Non-conforming 2 and 3 year fixed rates at 0.1% lower than available as standard.

- Reduced flat, £99 one-off Administration Fee for both schemes (includes valuation and re-types)

- Binding decisions delivered within minutes.

Daniel Lee, Sales Director at Enterprise Group said: “These market-leading products demonstrate the strength of our relationship with Platform. We utilise Platform’s new ‘Click Decision’ system, so that a broker selecting these exclusives via our sourcing facility, will now receive the same instant binding decision which would be achieved going to the lender directly. All the information gathered at the time of sourcing is moved straight into ‘Click Decision’, saving valuable time and speeding up the submission process.”

Jeremy Duncombe, Platform’s Head of Sales, commented: “Our aim in creating "Click Decision" was to create a 'best of breed' online facility. The launch of these highly competitive product ranges through Enterprise and RAMP, is a significant development for Platform, making best use of the distribution and marketing capabilities that both RAMP and Enterprise can offer. We have planned carefully to successfully meet the demands of an increasingly dynamic and competitive business environment.”