Enterprise Group appointed to Thinc Destini

A branded packaging company has been created by Enterprise especially for Thinc Destini, which will be one of 3 packagers on the panel. The others are TFC and SP Mortgages.

Jo Dempsey, chief operating officer at Enterprise Group said: “We are delighted to include Thinc Destini amongst our growing range of customer-branded business partnerships. Having worked closely with Thinc Destini’s leadership in the past, we are proud that such a major force in the multi-tied distribution marketplace, has selected us to deliver to their exact requirements. We have combined a fully compliant and accurate sourcing system, with 24 hour guaranteed turnaround service, great exclusives and market-leading fees based on semi-exclusivity.”

Enterprise’s ensures safe sub-prime business is written at all times, with no danger of automatic cascading. It provides an audit trail which proves to both the FSA and the network, that all available options had been researched prior to recommendation. Their system offers seven (or more) ranked solutions for each enquiry received, based on any client priority requested.

Alex Murray, group director of mortgages at Thinc Destini commented: “Safety and profitability is key for us and value for money is key for our clients. We were keen to develop an exclusive panel that ensured competitive products would be available - sold safely and securely, whilst still achieving commercial advantage in both fees and exclusives. Enterprise allows us to meet all these criteria. We can now achieve exceptional regulatory safety coupled with market-leading fees and exclusives on all our advisers’ sub-prime business. As Enterprise’s IT systems integrate fully with ours, it ensures their proposition caters for all our advisers’ requirements.”