Eight out of ten will meet TCF deadline

Nine percent think that they will not have it embedded in time and nine per cent are not sure whether they will or won’t.

Kay Leslie, Pink’s Network Services Director said; “This is a big increase considering that in June we reported that 59 per cent of intermediaries were not even thinking about what they needed to do to prepare for the December deadline.

“I’m pleased to see that so many intermediaries think they will meet the deadline, but it is clear however, that nearly 1 in 5 intermediaries still need help and advice as to what they should be doing to ensure they will be fully complying with the FSA’s six customer outcomes by the end of the year. I encourage these intermediaries to source help as soon as possible as the deadline is now only just over 3 months away. For more information on TCF see the FSA’s website www.fsa.gov.uk