Ed Miliband’s home qualifies for mansion tax

Miliband’s North London home is worth £2,73m, above Prime Minister David Cameron’s £1,97m property in West London which stands just shy of the £2m mansion tax threshold.

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg’s South London home is worth £1.89m, while Nigel Farage lives in a £550,000 home in Kent.

Lawrence Hall of Zoopla, said: “Soulless second kitchen or not, Ed Miliband’s home is in a desirable part of London and is now worth a lot more than he paid for it before the last election.

“He may, however, have to put any plans for upgrading his kitchens on hold if Labour comes to power as his tax bill is likely to rise by at least £3,000 per year.”

During the Conservative/Liberal Democrat term Miliband’s home value has increased by £1m, while Cameron and Clegg’s homes have seen their values increase by £671,000 and £573,000 respectively.