Easter jump means huge potential for brokers

Last year, after a poor January where transactions dipped to 60,000, a sharp incline at Easter saw 80,000 houses sold in April alone – a 33% jump.

Tim Johnson, CEO at insurance provider Paymentshield, said: “With the Easter spike in house sales once again on the horizon, brokers must look to capitalise on the increase in new homeowners."

A recent YouGov poll, commissioned by Paymentshield, shows a lack of awareness about insurance and the consequences of not having appropriate policies in place.

Almost half stated that they have no buildings insurance, whilst a third opted not to take out even the most basic of content insurance policies. That would mean over 25,000 new homeowners would not be protected should their prize possessions be stolen. Some 74% would expect the theft of high value items to be covered by a standard policy.

Johnson added: "Our YouGov poll shows that thousands are taking an unnecessary risk and it is the responsibility of brokers to explain the benefits that their products can provide.”