E2M synchronises with Trigold

70 per cent of all UK brokers are registered with Trigold and this partnership with E2M means that all registered 24,000 brokers will now be able to access the E2M conveyancing system directly and be able to instruct a conveyancer at the same time as processing a mortgage application.

The link up will enable brokers to greatly increase their potential income as the information they submit as part of the online mortgage application will be pre-populated into a conveyancing instruction. This will allow brokers to bolt on a conveyancing instruction and referral fee into the home buying process.

Karen Babington, sales and marketing director for E2M, commented: “We are delighted to be synchronising our systems with Trigold. We feel that this partnership will help E2M to access potential clients at a vital stage in the house buying process to help with their conveyancing needs. It is also a great opportunity for brokers to increase their potential income by securing a conveyancing instruction at the same time as processing a mortgage application.”

Bill Safran, CEO for Trigold, added: “This partnership opens up a new revenue stream for brokers with very little additional work. As our systems are fully integrated, brokers need only submit information once and both mortgage application and conveyancing instruction can be handled at the same time- considerably reducing valuable administration time.”