E2M partner Mortgage Brain

Intermediaries now have direct access to E2M’s conveyancing system through Mortgage Brain, allowing brokers to automatically instruct conveyancing services at the same time as submitting the mortgage application.

By receiving a referral fee for this instruction, brokers are increasing their revenue at the same time as increasing the number of products sold per client. This will help to speed up the home buying process for clients, as well as reducing the administration time for brokers.

Karen Babington, sales and marketing director for E2M, said: “We are delighted to be integrating with a mortgage sourcing system such as Mortgage Brain as they offer a great service to brokers as well as conveyancers such as ourselves.

“This partnership is a great way for brokers to earn further referral fees and we hope this offers them another useful form of steady revenue.”

Mark Lofthouse, CEO of Mortgage Brain, added: “This partnership is great news for brokers. By sending the instruction immediately to Easier2move, when the mortgage application is processed, brokers are immediately benefiting from a new revenue stream. We look forward to seeing brokers realise the benefits this partnership will bring.”