E2M offers voucher incentives

The rules for this giveaway are simple and entrants will be assessed on the percentage increase in the amount of business which they bring to E2M. This means that regardless of size everyone will have an equal chance of winning this competition which closes on 30 June 2006.

With everyone who provides work to E2M automatically entered, weekly emails will be sent out to the top twenty introducers to keep those in the running well informed of how they are placed in this race for the holiday prize.

Karen Babington, sales & marketing director, easier2move, commented: “We are delighted to be in this position to offer such a fantastic prize. This illustrates the importance we attach to those estate agents, brokers and advisers who choose to use our service. With two months remaining it is important for those who want to be relaxing on a luxury holiday to be doing all they can to secure their prize.”