Dudley pleased with broker response

Having decided that the broker route was the most effective way to generate new business in a post MMR world, in September, Dudley appointed seven distributors, who would become the primary point of contact for the intermediary market.

Sam Foxall, head of retail at the Dudley, said that the real work has been taking place behind the scenes in creating an environment and culture, which meets the needs of the intermediary while reinforcing the integrity of the Dudley’s lending policy and underwriting procedures.

She said: “Having seven highly experienced partners has meant that we have had to work hard to appreciate and understand the dynamics behind a fully intermediary focus as against one where clients are coming to us directly through our branch network, as they have in the past.

“These last few months have allowed us to test and refine our service offering, so we are confident that we can really hit the ground running in 2014.”

She added: “2013 has been a year of incredible change for the Dudley. Not only have we completely changed the way in which we intend to run our mortgage business, but have also moved into a purpose built new principal office as work continues to revamp our branch network.

“Dudley Building Society is evolving and building on this year’s work, we are looking forward to a solid year of growth in the New Year.”