Direct products go live on Trigold

Since announcing their intention to display direct products just over a month ago, the technical teams at Trigold have worked closely with brokers and lenders to deliver this enhancement quickly and efficiently.

The enhancement is automatically added to the system when users perform a standard update to ensure the latest products are displayed. Now brokers will have the ability to display direct products and this option can be selected either at the beginning of a product source or via a filter on the source results page. This allows brokers the flexibility to view these products independently of a product search performed with a client.

David Aylmer, business development and marketing director at Trigold commented;

“Our broker survey revealed a number of brokers would like the ability to be able to research direct products in addition to all intermediary offerings. We listened to this feedback and in February made a commitment to our users to work on adding this functionality to our system. Our users know that once we start work on enhancements we don’t hang about and so we’re delighted that this has been achieved in just over a month and is now ready to be rolled-out across our user base.

“The practical use of this new functionality couldn’t be easier but we ensured that the display of direct products was not the default search option. It’s not our job to dictate how brokers work but merely to supply them with the tools that they need to help clients and make money. Whether including direct products in mortgage sourcing is a decision for individual brokers but we believe that should they want this, then life just got a bit easier.”