Development firm leaves customer reeling after offensive email

After an enquiry for a new home, the customer was left aghast after being sent an explicit-led email.

Development firm leaves customer reeling after offensive email

Property development firm Linden Homes has been pilloried after it was caught sending an offensive email to a a mum-of-three who had enquired about buying a two bedroom property, The Sun has reported.

Clinton Cards manager Sue Meechan told The Sun she was left "gobsmacked" after she received the shock email from the business.

Speaking to The Sun she said: "I just couldn’t believe they would say that.

"I just couldn't believe it, I was so shocked and infuriated that they felt they could talk to me like this.

“I only made a query on one of their properties and I hadn't fallen out with any of the staff. It's astounding.

“I was looking at part-buy-part-rent and gave them a call showing interest and they had been in touch with me a couple of times.

"On Sunday I missed a call from them as a family member was in hospital but then a few hours later I received this shocking email."

The email started with "Good afternoon b**ch" and continued: "We’re very pleased to hear of your interest in Linden Homes and that you’ve enquired about our development.

“We’ve tried, without success, to call you to talk through your requirements and provide further information to help you in your decision-making process.

"Exciting times! We’re here to help."

Meechan complained to Linden Homes immediately and was told her complaint had been escalated to the firm's managing director.

But, as The Sun reports, she was stunned when a staff member called to ask her about the email and then continued trying to sell the property.

Meechan added: "A sales manager for Linden Homes called about the email and then started asking me if I was still interested in buying the flat and said she could assist me with my enquiries.

"I very quickly told her I was certainly not interested and would not be buying anything from Linden Homes."

Linden Homes has 18 branches across England and Scotland and has built over 2,000 homes in the UK.

A Linden Homes spokesman told The Sun: “This is totally unacceptable and we are very sorry that Sue received an email like this.

“We are investigating how and why this happened and will take the appropriate action when we understand the circumstances.”