Debt-ridden Brits take on second job

Also 31% of respondents sold possessions, 11% cancelled insurance policies and 6% downsized to a cheaper property.

Ian Williams of Debt Advisory Centre said: “Taking on a second job is one way of improving the household finances.

“However, it usually means people are working even longer hours and spending less time at home – which can add to the stress of being in debt in the first place.

“Being in debt is not something you have to cope with alone. If you are sacrificing your family life, or find yourself going without food or heating to try to meet your unsecured loan repayments then it is time to consider getting professional debt help.”

There are now more than 8.5m people across the country who are taking on the burden of extra work.

Nearly two fifths meanwhile saved by not taking a holiday, with 43% of 25 to 34-year-year olds admitting they sacrificed having a break.