DC Law launches conveyancing training academy

The academy, which started recruiting in June 2014, is training people who are looking to enter the profession and become conveyancers.

Beth De Montjoie Rudolf, director of DC Law, said: “Training more conveyancers and making the most of existing conveyancers’ skills is vital to the success of the UK property market and will help to safeguard future home moves.

“Many conveyancers left the industry during the recession as demand for their services declined but the numbers of new entrants remains low despite the increase in market activity seen in recent months.

“Conveyancers are undoubtedly in short supply, having re-trained during the recession and moved to new careers so it is now essential to attract some workforce back into the industry and train new people to become conveyancers. We have launched the DC Law Training Academy to prepare people looking to enter the profession and equip them with the training and skills needed to become conveyancers.

“The academy provides a great opportunity for anyone interested in law to start a long career in the conveyancing industry or for those with some experience already in the field to extend their skills.”

The DC Law Training Academy provides its trainees with the technical and practical skills needed for the role and enables them to become conveyancers.

According to research conducted by Move with Us, the residential property group and one of the UK’s largest conveyancing panel managers, the conveyancing process is taking longer compared to the same time last year. A shortage of conveyancers, higher transaction numbers and the impact of the Mortgage Market Review (MMR) regulations are all contributing factors*.

The DC Law Training Academy is open to complete beginners as well as those with experience. Candidates are able to work their way up the career ladder by gaining extra experience and qualifications through training provided by experienced conveyancers as well as customer service skills that are essential to managing the conveyancing process. DC Law is a Council for Licensed Conveyancers (CLC) accredited training college which means that all trainees can work their way through the subjects to become qualified Licensed Conveyancers.

As an additional measure to attract qualified conveyancers back into the profession, DC Law is also setting up a Home Worker scheme (HoW) to allow employees to work from home and choose their working hours to fit around family life or existing employment.

Conveyancers enrolled in the scheme will be paid for each contract report they complete which meets the compliance and customer service standards. The HoWs will undergo a training period provided by DC Law to ensure that they are up to date with the latest systems and procedures. As part of DC Law’s commitment to safeguard its customer security throughout the whole conveyancing process, all customer information and files are stored on cloud technology. DC Law will also conduct regular review meetings and audits to ensure high standards of work are met.