Crystal Specialist Finance achieves record Q1

Deals included a £750,000 development loan for a reality TV star and a £1.2m bridge for a Kyrgyzstani national to purchase the stock and trademark of a UK whiskey business.

The Midlands-based packager changed its name from Crystal Mortgages two weeks ago.

Joe Breeden, managing director of Crystal Specialist Finance, said: "Putting the fantastic Q1 performance to one side for a moment, the deal highlights really cement the reason for the company rebrand, and that is our ability to secure highly specialist deals as well as secure the best options on standard applications.

"In the last three months I would say we have had over 100 applications which are classed as out of the ordinary, and in nearly every single case we have secured finance at very good rates. Our message to brokers is that difficult cases shouldn't be shelved, they should be sent to a professional agency who will assist."

The packager has now divided its business into five core divisions: Mortgages, Bridging, Commercial, Development Funding and Second Charges.

Breeden added: "I am genuinely looking forward to announcing the second quarter results, the new name is in the public domain and supported by a level of marketing activity that we have not undertaken before.

"If we can build on the areas which have almost operated under the radar until now, as well as increase our standard business, there is no doubt in my mind that 2015 will be another record year."