Crown signs with three lenders

Aldermore has taken the warm standby option against a securitised portfolio of residential first charge loans, while Masthaven agreed a cold standby against primarily residential second charge mortgages.

The agreement with Skipton provides a warm standby for its Darrowby 3 securitisation, making this the third pool for which Crown has provided this service.

Andrew Doyle, managing director of Crown Mortgage Management, said: “We are pleased to welcome Aldermore and Masthaven as standby clients of Crown.

“Masthaven is an award winning lender and Aldermore has just celebrated its fifth year in the industry. We look forward to the opportunity of working with both of them.

“We are also delighted to support Skipton in their third Darrowby securitisation.

“We will continue to serve the increasing demand for standby servicing, whilst monitoring our risk exposure carefully.

“We have in place a proven capability to map systems and migrate portfolios efficiently and cost-effectively.”