Coventry launches 2 and 5-year fixes

Colin Franklin, managing director, Godiva Mortgages, said: “We are kicking off the New Year with some fantastic new deals. For borrowers looking for a great rate available up to 90% LTV and no arrangement fee, our 2-year fixed rate at 3.99% is ideal. And for those looking for a low rate with the ultimate flexibility of unlimited overpayments and no ERCs, our Flexx for Term at just 2.09% is perfect. So, as always, whether borrowers are looking for low up front fees, the security of a fixed rate or no ERCs, there is something for everyone here at the Coventry. And don’t forget, as always, all residential products include a valuation up to £670 and access to our remortgage transfer service.”

Highlights include a 3.99% fixed rate until 31.03.16, 90% LTV £199 booking fee, early repayment charges payable to 31.03.16 and no arrangement fees. A 3.75% fixed rate until 31.03.19, 85% LTV, £199 booking fee, £800 arrangement fee and ERCs payable to 31.03.19. A 2.09% Flexx for Term, variable rate, 65% LTV, £199 booking fee, £300 arrangement fee with no ERCs.