Coventry BDMs resume face-to-face meetings

The field BDMs have recently started contacting intermediaries to arrange face-to-face appointments.

Coventry BDMs resume face-to-face meetings

Coventry for intermediaries’ business development managers (BDMs) have returned to meeting brokers face-to-face.


The field BDMs have recently started contacting intermediaries to arrange face-to-face appointments, as long as everyone involved is comfortable to meet in person.

Jonathan Stinton, director of intermediary relationships at Coventry Building Society, said: “During the pandemic, our Field BDMs did a superb job of keeping in touch with brokers solely through phone and video calls.

"Their job is to help brokers achieve their long-term business goals and expand their client base.

"We’re delighted that this can start in person again, as and when brokers are comfortable with doing so.

“Our field and telephone BDMs are important points of contact for brokers. They know our lending criteria and product range inside out, and they’re up to date with new products and industry changes. This kind of knowledge is really valuable and helps brokers plan ahead.

“While our field BDMs are getting back on the road, the Intermediary Support Teams and your Telephone BDM are available for questions about new business, applications in progress, products and lending policy.

"And if your BDM isn’t available, your call will automatically divert to the BDM support team who can help with a wide range of questions and queries.

"They’re also the people behind Cfi chat and they’re a direct line to the underwriters, so they’ll make sure you get an accurate response every time.

“Of course, not everyone will feel comfortable going back to face-to-face visits just yet.

"If someone wants to continue using Zoom because they feel safer that way, then of course we’ll accommodate them – we’re here to support brokers in whichever way suits them best.”