Cost-of-living crisis puts pressure on rents, mortgage payments

New data reveal impact of increased cost-of-living on UK adults

Cost-of-living crisis puts pressure on rents, mortgage payments

More adults are feeling the crush of the cost-of-living crisis as they find it difficult to afford their rent or mortgage payments, data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) has revealed.

In the period between June and September, 30% of adults currently paying rent or mortgages said that these had been difficult to afford, up from the 26% recorded in the prior three-month period. Likewise, 36% of adults living with disabilities said they struggled to pay their rent or mortgage, compared to 27% of non-disabled people.

These figures were released by the ONS as part of its analysis of the impact of increased cost-of-living among adults. Using data from the Opinions and Lifestyle survey, the ONS examined the proportion of the UK population affected by recent cost-of-living increases, as well as the characteristics associated with having difficulty or being behind on energy, mortgage or rental payments.

The ONS data also showed how renters have been finding it more difficult to cover their housing costs compared to homeowners.

According to the ONS, 60% of renters said they struggled to afford their energy bills and 39% reported having difficulty with making rent payments. By comparison, 43% of homeowners found it hard to pay energy costs, while 23% said it was difficult to afford their mortgage payments.

Moreover, around half of adults with a personal income of less than £20,000 per year were among those that said they struggled with affording their energy bills. This proportion decreased as personal income increased, with 23% of those earning £50,000 or more saying they have the same difficulty with their energy costs.

The analysis in the latest ONS report was based on 13,305 adults aged 16 years and over living across Great Britain.