Corner shop and local pub homebuyers' main priority

A local corner store within a mile of their home is the number one priority for homebuyers picking the location of their new home with a local pub a close second. Both ranked higher than public transport on new homebuyer’s wish lists.

Research studying the distance homebuyers would like their new home to be from various facilities revealed that over 40 per cent require a local shop within one mile of their new home compared to four and a half miles for the nearest supermarket.

Public transport was also a priority with bus routes wanted within two miles by 36 per cent of buyers, and train and tube stations at a maximum distance of three miles.

At the other end of the scale between 10 and 20 miles were workplace, relations and an airport - which while beneficial to be within easy driving distance, those surveyed did not want them on their doorstep.

David Bexon, chief executive of, commented: “Homebuyers are increasingly looking for convenience and a community when choosing their new home. It seems that one of the key priorities for people is to have a sense of community in their immediate neighbourhood, focussed around things like the corner store and local pub. Although many are still willing to commute to their work place and even to see their family, they are also demanding good transport links to do so.

“These findings back up what the housebuilding industry has been saying for years - that they can build the extra houses needed, but the government needs to provide the infrastructure and basic community facilities to ensure that people want to live there.”