Conveyancing Associationhosts annual conference

Conveyancing Associationhosts annual conference

The Conveyancing Association’s annual conference discussed how technology is changing the conveyancing process and how member firms should react to changes last week.

The future of conveyancing was discussed with sessions from the Land Registry’s John Abbott, Property Exchange Australia’s (PEXA) Ian Hendey, Convey Law’s Lloyd Davies, Professor Stuart Brymer OBE, and Scott Bozinis from Conference Sponsor’s InfoTrack.

Eddie Goldsmith, chairman of the CA, said: “This year’s conference was themed around the future of conveyancing, whether that is the immediate future or far further ahead, specifically 2030 by which time the Land Registry plan to have full comprehensive registration of all property.

“Overall, theconference presented the future of conveyancing to attendees and it was obvious that we need to be on board with this new tech future, otherwise we will be left behind.

“2018 will be a very important year in terms of continuing our Strategic Plan work and delivering on our ambitions in a number of areas, but we also have to be conscious of looking further ahead because there are some fundamental changes on the horizon that will have big consequences for us.”

Goldsmith added: “In that sense, hearing from PEXA on how digital conveyancing has revolutionised the market in Australia was a real eye-opener because, while we are some way behind what has happened there, the comparisons are very real and it looks likely we will move to a similar proposition in the future.”