Concern mounting over Scottish homeowner debt

Debt Advisory Centre Scotland made its warning after seeing a 33% increase in the proportion of homeowners on its debt solutions since 2008.

Homeowners accounted for 21% of Debt Advisory Centre Scotland's clients back in 2008, but today that figure has increased to 28%.

The figures appear to confirm the warnings of many experts when the financial crisis began in 2008 - that too many homeowners had taken on mortgages they couldn't really afford.

Melanie Taylor of Debt Advisory Centre Scotland said: "Problems with debt are always worrying, but they can be even more serious when you fear you may lose your home. Thankfully there is nearly always something you can do to stop things getting to that stage.

"We provide a whole range of debt solutions to help with all kinds of circumstances - including the Debt Arrangement Scheme, Trust Deeds and Debt Management Plans.

"Getting help as soon as possible also gives interest and charges less time to grow, so it really is worth contacting a debt adviser as soon as the problem starts."