Complete expands franchising operation

Complete director, Tony Salentino, explains “The packaging sector is going through a period of unprecedented restructuring, including the closure of some well-known packager brands. This means that there are a number of skilled and experienced packaging professionals in the market looking for the means to continue working. Existing packager firms are also looking to forge links with lenders, as the lenders continue to cut back their panels thus making agencies harder to come by.

“As one of the first packagers to operate a franchising system, Complete has many years experience in this field with our Plymouth office, Complete South West, currently celebrating 10 years as a franchise. This demonstrates the benefits of a robust business model that includes training and due diligence. Feedback from our panel lenders about our franchising solution has always been positive and, although the number of lenders in the marketplace has reduced, we believe we can still offer added value to franchise partners by way of access to additional lenders.

“The packaging sector has always been innovative and resilient, and we believe that it will continue as a valued distribution route for most lenders. The development of franchising within the packaging sector can only help to strengthen its position in what continues to be a very challenging environment.”