CML: MMR impact subtle

CML data shows that the number of loans to first-time buyers rose by 9% in May compared to April, and was 19% higher than in May 2013. By value, lending to first-time buyers was up 11% on April and 30% higher than in May last year.

Both the number and value of loans to home movers increased month-on-month in May by 8%. Compared with May 2013, growth was up 9% by volume and 21% in value.

Reflecting these trends, overall home-owner house purchase lending in May rose 9% on April by both volume and value, with year-on-year growth in number of loans up 13% and 25% by value.

Remortgage lending dipped in May, down 18% in number and value compared to April. Compared to May 2013, remortgage lending declined 26% in volume and 15% by value.

The monthly number of buy-to-let loans was up 4% in May with value up by 5%. Compared to April 2013, there was a 14% increase in number of loans and a 22% increase in overall value.

Paul Smee, director general of the CML, said: “With May lending figures, we get our first glimpse at the effect the Mortgage Market Review has had on lending trends and, at least so far, the impact appears subtle, rather than dramatic.

“First-time buyers and home movers continue to be key drivers in market growth and their activity does not seem to have been noticeably disrupted.

“There was no cliff edge; lenders and intermediaries had been methodically working towards applying MMR changes for months leading up to implementation and the figures appear to reflect this."