Cirencester’s My Earnings Insurance added to The Exchange

My Earnings Insurance, which was launched in August this year, is the Society’s first non-holloway income protection contract and has been well received by financial advisers and industry experts alike.

The product provides flexible cover options allowing the adviser to tailor the contract to each individual clients’ needs.

It also has a Severe Injury Cover option that allows a longer deferred period for sickness but cover from Day One in the event of a Severe Injury.

John Bridge, director of sales and marketing at Cirencester Friendly, said: “We are thrilled with the response that My Earnings Insurance has received from financial advisers so far, and of course, are keen to make this product more widely available.

“Being accessible on adviser comparison portals makes the process much easier for advisers, both at their initial product research stage and when undertaking their due diligence reviews and so we are very pleased to launch on to IRESS’ The Exchange and look forward to adding My Earnings Insurance to other portals in the near future.”

Dave Miller, executive general manager (sourcing) at IRESS, added: “Ensuring consumers are adequately protected remains a challenge.

“Improved product variety will boost the chances of protection cover being purchased, helping advisers secure the best value and most appropriate deals for their customers and we are committed to supporting our adviser users by ensuring IRESS’ The Exchange provides access to the fullest range of available products.

“We are therefore delighted to add My Earnings Insurance to The Exchange, increasing the options available to our users and allowing them to more readily meet the needs of their clients.”

My Earnings Insurance is available through financial advisers as well as mortgage advisers and general insurance brokers.