CIExpert launches Insurer Insight Zone

The Insurer Insight Zone is an extra facility that expands the existing comparison service to investigate the broader aspects of each policy proposition.

CIExpert launches Insurer Insight Zone

CIExpert has launched a new 'Insurer Insight Zone' which provides a digital dashboard for the broader aspects of policy propositions, including their new Condition Tracer Tool.

The Insurer Insight Zone is an extra facility that expands the existing comparison service to investigate the broader aspects of each policy proposition in a visually explorative way.

The Insight Zone extends beyond critical illness to include information on personal and business life policies and covers aspects such as claims stats, product flexibility, age and term limits and added value services, thereby providing advisers access to all the key information they need in a single resource.

The digital dashboard design enables a birds-eye view of the policy options an insurer offers, providing context for key information such a payment levels, children’s cover and the way their policies are structured.

The Condition Tracer Tool is an interactive tool that has been developed in an effort to overcome the complexity of being presented with hundreds of conditions and complex definitions, which is often a hurdle for advisers who are hesitant about selling CIC.

By enabling an interactive search through these conditions, the tracer tool allows advisers to more fully understand their characteristics, their significance, their incidence and their association.

It additionally aligns with the current market trend to categorise conditions into more comprehensible "Grouped Conditions”. The tool includes CIExpert’s own condition grouping, introduced to improve both advisers and clients understanding of what conditions are and how they are related.

Tim Lewis, propositions manager at AIG, said: “When AIG launched its innovative CI product, our drive was to reduce complexity and improve customer outcomes.

"CI Expert has the same guiding principle with the launch of their Condition Tracer Tool.

"It’s a real step change for financial adviser product analysis, allowing an adviser to visually show their clients the breadth of coverage, especially where there are grouped or umbrella conditions, and build trust in the quality of the cover they’re recommending.”

Jacqui Gillies, marketing and proposition director at Guardian, added: “This is a great development from CIExpert, and I think it’ll really support advisers to confidently recommend protection.

"The Condition Analyser tool gives advisers the insight they need to compare providers, and in turn have meaningful, needs-based, conversations with their clients about the value of different products.

"We really welcome this innovation to move protection conversations away from price. And, as you would expect from CI Expert, the quality of information within the tool is excellent. We’re delighted to be involved."

Alan Lakey, director at CIExpert. concluded: “We continue on our journey to provide the same richness of support tools, that are available to wealth advisers, to those in the protection market and we believe this is another important step.

"Over the last turbulent year we have seen wealth and mortgage advisers start to engage more in protection, however there can be no question that the complexity they are confronted with inhibits many.

"We believe these new interactive tools will serve both those that are new to protection and those that are experienced, removing the need to be hunting through policy documents. We have worked with insurers to compliment the Insight Zone by providing access to their own sales support tools within the same single protection hub.

"Their support enables us to develop and maintain this service for CIExpert’s existing users at no additional cost.”