CHL Mortgages record fewer complaints

In Q4 complaints numbered 25 compared to 41 in the previous quarter, while 143 complaints were totalled during the year, an average of 12 per month.

Of 22 decisions from the Financial Ombudsman Service against CHL, three were partially upheld in the complainant’s favour.

Bob Young, managing director of CHL Mortgages, said: “We use our complaints data as a key performance indicator for the business and therefore it is pleasing to see the ongoing low level of complaints we receive and the fact that the vast majority of cases referred to FOS are upheld in our favour.

“Given the fact we have over 40,000 live mortgage accounts, to receive only 143 complaints during the course of the year and the fact that only three FOS-referred cases were partially upheld against us is another positive for CHL.

“CHL will continue to work hard at dealing with complaints and it is pleasing to see how we appear to be performing well against our lender peer group.”

In mortgages and home finance the top two firms for complaint cases received by the FOS during the second half of 2013 were Bank of Scotland, at 1,126 and Santander, at 969.

The total percentage of all cases resolved in the consumer’s favour was 30%.

During Q4 eight new complaints against the CHL were referred to the FOS, with 17 awaiting a decision.