CHL highlights key criteria

The campaign intends to draw attention to the product ranges available through CHL, whilst picking out unique propositions.

CHL is highlighting:

  • It offers its full range of buy-to-let and self-certification mortgages on housing associations and council leases. It lends on leases up to five years and will allow ex-council properties to be leased back to the council.
  • It lends to owners of multi-let properties including student lets, shared houses or houses with multiple occupation. It accepts single or multi-tenancy agreements.
  • It will lend up to 95% LTV self-certification with no higher lending charge to the self-employed.
  • It offers its buy-to-let mortgages to any type of limited company and is also happy for companies to use their own solicitors.
  • It lends on freehold properties let as flats. It lends up to 10 flats in a freehold block, leases are not required and only one valuation fee is charged.
Trevor Child, head of sales and marketing at CHL Mortgages, said:

“While many clients understandably will want access to market-leading rates it is important, especially at this time, to focus on the key criteria that borrowers look at before any discussion of rate.

“At CHL we know that if the product doesn’t meet the needs and circumstances of the borrower then the actual rate doesn’t enter the equation. This is why we build our products to satisfy the needs of an increasingly savvy and sophisticated borrower.

“The key criteria outlined in the campaign provide a unique product proposition for intermediaries to offer their buy-to-let and self-certification customers..”