CHL confirms ‘business as usual’

Mike Healy, head of commercial at CHL, said: “As far as CHL Commercial is concerned, at the moment it is ‘business as usual’. We are backed by Ireland’s largest mortgage provider, Irish Life & Permanent, and CHL Commercial has no reliance on securitisation for our funding unlike many other recent new entrants to the commercial lending market.

“Our strength in this area means we can maintain our competitive product range and service levels.This can’t be said for those looking to enter the commercial mortgage sector at this time, who may be reliant on the markets for their funding.”

CHL Commercial offers intermediaries a competitive range of commercial lending products with a 1% uncapped procuration fee. It targets commercial buy-to-let, owner-occupied trading entities and larger houses in multiple occupation (HMO) residential units. Interest-only terms are also available, often for the life of the loan.

CHL Commercial takes a self-certification approach on loans to £1.5 million and charge rates from Base Rate plus 0.99% to Base Rate plus 2.99% depending on the strength of the deal.