Cassidy Davis launches MPPI tool

The web-based application process means mortgage lenders and intermediaries can be certain they are complying with eligibility criteria when recommending MPPI products.

The paperless online application system is clear, quick and easy to use and manages the entire sales process. Crucially, it includes a series of eligibility questions that can be easily answered on a ‘tick-box’ basis.

There is a choice of payment options – single or renewable monthly premiums – and a choice of protection options.

Customers can choose from accident and sickness only or unemployment only (monthly or single premium cover) and accident, sickness and unemployment cover.

Once the amount of benefit required and the preferred payment option is entered, the system calculates the correct premium. Cover is available on a single or joint application basis and payable through a direct debit facility.

Aidan Plumridge, marketing and business development manager at Cassidy Davis, said: “This online application removes the eligibility headache from the MPPI equation. Brokers and lenders can simply and quickly recommend a product secure in the knowledge that it is only being sold to suitable customers.

“Anyone who has been put off selling this insurance because they may have felt uncomfortable about meeting the compliance criteria should utilise this tool to open up an important new revenue stream.”

Access to the MPPI online application system is free for Cassidy Davis clients and brokers. A bespoke process can be built into existing software.