Cartel joins AMI

Carl Wright, managing director of Cartel commented:“The decision as to whether to join AMI has beendiscussed by our Board of Directors on many occasions throughout 2004 and into 2005. We have treated thismatter very seriously and felt that the decision to join should be based on tangible and compelling reasons, not just because everyone else was joining. Chris Cummings and I decided to meet and discuss the issues that had previously led to our decision to refrain from joining AMI.

"Not only has Cartel now joined AMI, but we have committed to a full and active role. The senior industry individuals involved with AMI have an opportunity to shape the future of the whole market by influencing decision making at the highest level within both the FSA and the industry. At Cartel, we hope that this will lead to measured decisions being taken by the FSA and others which are in the best interests of the consumer and the wider industry; not just in theory, but more importantly in practice.”

Chris Cummings, director of AMI said: “We are delighted that Cartel has become a member of AMI. We are pleased that a firm of this stature has recognised the need to belong to the industry’s trade association. The FSA listens to AMI’s views on the practicalities of regulation and we have achieved this level of influence thanks, in part, to the fact that we can point to a rapidly growing membership from across the industry.”

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