Cardif Pinnacle joins IPTF

It is particularly looking to back the Family Support Initiative, which involves helping up to 10 families a year where the primary earner is unable to work due to illness or disability.

Families will receive a regular monthly payment to support their living expenses which is intended to replicate the monthly benefit they would have received if they had income protection.

Funding will be provided by insurers such as Cardif Pinnacle, while the stories of the families will be shared via YouTube, television, blogs, social media and press coverage.

The aim of the initiative is to illustrate the practical value of income protection.

Paul Glen, chief executive officer of Cardif Pinnacle, said: “Whilst recognising there is much detail to work through we are excited by the Family Support Initiative and welcome the efforts of the IPTF to undertake this prominent income protection campaign.

“There is a disconnection between the events that people are concerned with most such as; injury, accident, illness and redundancy and the general take-up of protection products, which could allay these concerns.

“We believe there remains a genuine need for income protection and that now is the opportunity for the industry to take action. The Family Support Initiative is aimed at doing just this and is well aligned with Cardif Pinnacle’s own strategy and activities for 2014 to rejuvenate protection."

Peter Le Beau, chairman of the IPTF, added: "I'm thrilled that Cardif Pinnacle has joined the IPTF and in particular, its enthusiasm for the Family Support Initiative. As the first short-term income protection insurer to express a desire and willingness to support the Family Support Initiative, Cardif Pinnacle is leading the way in its approach to rejuvenating its sector of the income protection market."