Capital Bridging Finance grows 160pc

The short-term lender averaged £20m of lending per month in quarter four 2014 and, according to its managing director Keith Aldridge, it now holds a market share above 8%.

Aldridge said: “There is a simple secret to our success - we made a decision two years ago to invest in quality.

“We have outstanding individuals in our underwriting team and our legal and operational support functions are very much a part of our client facing proposition.

“We have improved our technology support. Our innovative client video initiative has proved very popular and has certainly enhanced our reputation as a transparent lender.

“We have grown our distribution of trusted partners and have seen significant improvement over the year in the vital role our valuers and lawyers play in establishing our reputation as a lender that delivers.

“The appointment of John Jenkins as CEO in the summer was a vital piece of the jigsaw that is now more or less complete.”

Capital Bridging Finance, which is a subsidiary of Omni Partners, was formed in 2009.

Jordan McBriar, director of Adapt Finance, said: “We find our future very exciting with Capital Bridging after witnessing first hand their drive and willingness to complete a complicated case with a pressing deadline.

“We appreciate no case is without its challenges, but Capital Bridging’s in-house underwriting team work with the broker and other stakeholders, in order to deal with issues promptly.

“We are very confident of placing high levels of business with Capital Bridging in 2015.”

Aldridge added: “With our growing number of chosen relationships like Adapt we have every reason to believe that 2015 will be good for the sector and very good for Capital Bridging.

“We will be making some exciting announcements in the next few months regarding our plans for the future.”