c2 secured announces additional workshop dates

On the 15th September the roadshow will be holding a presentation at the Carlton Hotel in Bournemouth, Dorset and on the 27th September at Jury’s Inn Hotel, Heathrow.

David Wylie, Managing Director of c2 financial, said: “We received an unprecedented level of interest to the series of workshops and we were delighted with the levels of attendance at the first roadshow in Northampton in June. We have prioritised the regions in order of demand and we will be announcing further dates for the rest of England and Wales very shortly. A direct result of the first road-show is that we now have 17 new firms introducing secured loan business to us.”

Roger Taylor, Operations Manager at c2 secured, said: “We recognised that there were a large number of mortgage intermediaries out there, keen to explore the diversity offered by second charge lending and the additional income stream it can provide, but many were still somewhat unsure as to how to break through into this market, the aim of our workshops was and is to show them how.”