Budget 2015: Countrywide urges Greenbelt action

Alison Platt, chief executive, said: “It is great to see the Government is looking at new methods of housebuilding. The Chancellor’s approval of new housing zones, including two new enterprise zones in Plymouth and Blackpool, builds upon the housing measures announced in the Autumn Statement.

“Whilst this is a positive step forward, we encourage the Government to go one step further. Our analysis shows that there is land for 500,000 homes within walking distance of the train stations in the greenbelt around our cities. We ask the Government to review the greenbelt with a vision to freeing up appropriate land for development.

“Last week we put forward 10 proposals to make the property market work better. We believe there is not yet enough clarity in the debate to impact policy and see structural shifts in both the residential and commercial property markets.

“We want to encourage debate around these proposals and any other solutions to our property market troubles, to get to a position where real positive change is possible.”