Brokers trained on the net

The first webinar featured an online presentation from the new underwriting manager, Sarah Phillips.

Paul Brett, director of sales of Masthaven Secured Loans, said: “What makes a webinar so powerful is that it can be deployed at a time to suit the audience and because it is quick and informal, it means less time away from the important day to day business needs of the company.

“We are firm believers in face to face contact as a relationship builder, but where the webinar is so useful is in being able to get almost immediate access to training and information, which might take time to organise as a face to face meeting.”

Masthaven, who deal in residential and commercial bridging finance, recently launched a hybrid second charge short-term product.

Bradley Moore, head of secured lending at Brightstar, said: “It was very useful for my people, gave them the information they needed and without the disruption to the working day that is normal with a face-to-face session. Full marks to all concerned at Masthaven Secured Loans.”